Monday, August 14, 2017

Sunburst Beach Vacations Celebrates 15 Years of Exceeding 30A Traveler Expectations

Sunburst Beach Vacations is a leading agency offering the finest rental homes along Scenic Highway 30A on Northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast, in the towns of Seaside, WaterColor, WaterSound & Blue Mountain, Dune Allen, Grayton, Inlet, Rosemary, Seacrest and Seagrove Beaches.

When families and groups make plans for vacation, be it for a week or long weekend, whether a 6 bedroom house or studio condo, they usually begin with a google search. They may start by entering a destination and property description or simply words like “best anytown usa rental agency”. Seasoned travelers may entrust their search to a favored travel agency.

Depending on the size of the party and length of stay, a vacation lodging choice can be one of the largest expenses – or “investments” – in an entire year. During peak season reservations must be made and deposits placed up to a year in advance. Some look at the search as a fun adventure, others with dread and trepidation that they may (A) be too late or (B) choose a bad place. Neither (A) nor (B) are pleasant outcomes.

Many vacationers opt to return to a favorite resort destination year after year. Others prefer to mix things up, whether returning every few years or making a point to explore a new destination annually. Some are fixed on the same house or condo, others choose to try different accommodations each visit. With vacations, preferences and habits vary as much as the vacationers themselves. No two experiences are alike.

On Northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast, particularly along the chic corridor of Scenic Coastal Highway 30A, Sunburst Beach Vacations has fulfilled travelers’ needs and put their “bad place” worries to rest since 2002. Along the way they have fielded every imaginable inquiry, from romantic honeymoon or anniversary for 2 to multi-home family reunions for 100.

From humble beginnings managing homeowners associations and a handful of rental homes owned by friends or family, Sunburst has emerged as the premier agency along 30A. They now expertly offer over 125 “top tier” properties, having experienced their market transition from the bucolic “Redneck Riviera” to Best Kept Secret of the South, Emerald Coast - to what is today known as the elegant New Urbanism Highway. 

With generations of family roots in the area dating to the 1950s, Sunburst founders watched the emergence of distinctive and upscale communities such as Seaside, Rosemary Beach, WaterColor and WaterSound. Older neighborhoods include Blue Mountain, Dune Allen, Grayton, Inlet, Seacrest, Seagrove – all followed by “Beach”.

Each offers a unique vibe unlike any other, and all fall under the broad geographic umbrella and post office address of Santa Rosa Beach. It’s confusing to locals too.

No one can even figure out what to call them. Community? Neighborhood? Town? It hardly matters, vacationers don’t sweat over such details, they simply come, relax and enjoy.

Sunburst offers an array of the finest homes in each of these communities. And they take pride in sweating every detail. At the time of reservation they match guests to the best property available. Upon arrival they make sure the home is immaculate, all repair and maintenance issues addressed. Throughout the stay they give guests as much attention or privacy as guests prefer. They offer concierge and beach services from stocking the fridge, to private chef, fishing & scuba charters, and tennis, golf & tour reservations. They can also leave guests alone if so preferred.

All of these constitute monumental logistical challenges and attention to detail upon which every Sunburst employee thrives. Each staff member familiarizes themselves with every home, obviously no small task. Peak season turnover Saturdays and Sundays send everyone into high gear. Each departing party may constitute an “adventure’ when housekeeping or maintenance staff enters, yet planning, preparation and the ability to mobilize for every circumstance ensures they are up to the task. Hard to believe, but Sunburst staff genuinely feeds on the energy of such frantic weekend days.

All of this is borne out by the superlatives awarded to Sunburst by their guests. They are repeat award winners in “Best of … “ polls conducted by local media and the area tourism council. They maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. For 3 consecutive years they were recognized among the "Bulldog 100, Fastest Growing Businesses" by the University of Georgia Alumni Association. Yes, 2 of the 3 founders are UGA grads, extremely proud, and rightfully so. They enjoy a perpetual feud with the 3rd founder, a University of Tennessee alum, as UT has yet to offer any such awards.

With prosperity comes the joy and honor of giving back to the community. Sunburst owners and staff serve on boards for schools, youth sports programs, arts and churches. They are a major sustaining sponsor of the Seaside Neighborhood School and its Half Marathon, the Seaside Repertory Theater and the 30-A Songwriter’s Festival and the Cultural Arts Alliance. One wonders how they ever handle it all.

A subject for future discussion, owners of homes they manage also consistently rate Sunburst as exceptional for everything from a high number of reservations, to care and maintenance of properties and log book comments by thrilled guests at their homes.

When planning a vacation along Scenic 30A, one can do no better than to contact Sunburst Beach Vacations. They intend to exceed expectations for the next 15 years and beyond.


Sunburst Beach Vacations
59 Canal Street
Santa Rosa Beach FL 32459