Friday, August 18, 2017

MAF ~ Mission Aviation Fellowship Seeks Participants for Indigitous #HACK Event ~ Boise ID ~ October 20-22

Boise ID

Founded in 1945, Mission Aviation Fellowship ~ MAF ~ is a family of organizations led by people in countries around the world who have a similar vision of taking Christ’s love into the most remote places on earth. MAF-US collaborates with sister organizations to meet spiritual & physical needs in 37 different countries. Collectively, their fleet of 135 airplanes serves some 1,500 non-profit, churches, & humanitarian organizations.

MAF’s Mission is:

“Sharing the love of Jesus Christ through aviation and technology so that isolated people may be physically and spiritually transformed.”

To the average person, even the average Christian, that may sound abstract & even a little intimidating. Attempting to swallow that pill whole indeed seems a daunting task.

In fact, it is none of these.

Simply put, MAF is made up of dedicated men & women who toil selflessly & endlessly to aid those in need with anything, anywhere, with emphasis on the Gospel & love of Christ, using any & all resources available. It is a blessing they happen to have, among other resources, essential sophisticated aviation & technology at their disposal.

MAF supports & enables evangelism & church nurture, medical assistance & air ambulance, relief & development, indigenous training & development & community service. Every 11 minutes, in some of the most remote places on earth, an MAF aircraft either takes off or lands.

Now, take a deep breath, close your eyes & picture it. Staff & volunteers deliver aid & the Love of Christ via airplanes to needy people in the farthest corners of the world.

Not so hard to comprehend after all, is it?

Here things get very simple. Those filled with Spirit & technically inclined, read on.

Indigitous is a global movement passionate about connecting people to Jesus using digital strategies. 

MAF will play a major role in Indigitous #HACK , offering an innovative & unique opportunity to get involved in the intersection of technology, faith & the common good. MAF invites participants to join this exciting event to collaborate on solutions for large-scale issues facing the present world.

Come unleash the potential as a technologist or creative in a growing community who are passionate about using God-given talents for good on a global scale. Find a challenge of interest below & register to play a significant part in how God is changing the world. College & high school students, interns & anyone with the will & IT aptitude are encouraged to participate.

MAF is issuing 5 Hackathon Challenges related to aviation with a simple goal:

Advance the ability of MAF aircraft to get to remote places where people need help.

This calls for teams to develop the following air & ground technologies:

- Electronic Windsock *
- Electronic Visibility Gauge *
- Tablet Based Flight Manifest *
- Daily Flight Data Dashboard *
- Online map of all MAF bases & served air fields worldwide **

Why needed?

* There are few if any air traffic controllers where MAF flies.
** MAF organizations serve 1,500 airstrips. By contrast, British Airways serves 350.

Indigitous #HACK 2017 will be held Friday, Oct 20 - Sunday, Oct 22 in Boise, Idaho, location to be announced. Attendance & participation are free.

Energy, spirit, stamina & drive are the only requirements for admission. Fired up but not sure about qualifications? Register anyway. The atmosphere is stimulating, the enthusiasm contagious. Go here now to get more information & register.


Mission Aviation Fellowship ~ MAF
PO Box 47
Nampa ID 83653
800-FLYS-MAF (800-359-7623)