Monday, April 30, 2018

Georgia Summer Camps ~ A World of Places, Themes and Activities

Summer is right around the corner. That means it's time to select one or more camps for the kids.

Summer camp means a lot of things to a lot of people. It's a chance for kids to explore any variety of activities and get out from under the family roof independently for perhaps the first time. For parents and those kids' siblings it may be the first chance for a little piece and quiet around the house.

Camps today come in all shapes, sizes and durations. Specialty camps of all types offer curriculum and activities tailored to special interests and needs. Here we will address Georgia camps general and specific in nature. We provide more extensive resources below.

Georgia offers more summer camp opportunities than can be covered in a single article, as this map of facilities reveals.

Camp Dixie near Clayton is conservative and traditional for children between the ages of 6 to 15.

Camp Coleman in Cleveland allows children to experience Jewish culture in a safe, challenging and fun environment.

Camp Juliette Low for girls atop Lookout Mountain near Cloudland was established by the founder of the Girl Scouts.

Camp Shane in Franklin Springs is the longest running, residential co-ed teen weight loss camp in the country.

Camp Southern Ground in Fayetteville provides experiences for children to recognize their unique gifts to impact the world.

Camp Woodmont in Cloudland is a smaller, traditional overnight summer camp founded by college teachers.

Capitol Debate Summer Camp at Georgia Tech helps even the most timid kids find their competitive voice.

Emagination Game Design Camp at Georgia Tech lets teens 15-18 create a 3D video game and learn valuable technical skills.

iD Game Design & Development Academy offers game programming instruction at Emory and Georgia Tech.

National Computer Camp at Oglethorpe University is America's original computer and programming camp, founded in 1977.

Nike Lacrosse Camp at Emory offers separate sessions for boys and girls to improve skills and stimulate a love for the game.

The No.1 Soccer Camps in Rome offers specialized soccer training, founded by a professional and World Cup Coach Joe Machnik.

Summer Institute for the Gifted offers 3-week academic summer camp for gifted and talented students ages 5-17.

US Sport Camps are affiliated with Nike and offer different sports with unique instructional programs for all ability levels.

Wealthy Habits day camps with several Atlanta campuses empower students ages 11 and up to make smart financial decisions.

WinShape Camps with three north Georgia sites offer one and two week camp experiences for girls and boys of all ages.

More southeastern US summer camp information:

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Stay tuned as the Stoddard Media brings the best North Georgia information to your home.

Friday, April 27, 2018

University of Georgia's Terry College of Business Breaks New Ground in Academic Excellence

If you asked me the name of the UGA business school five years after my graduation I may have answered, "Uh, the Brooks Hall College of Business?".

At that time I lived and worked in Chicago mismanaging corporate events. This was before the internet, at least before the internet was available to me, so I could not cheat and search for the answer.

The correct answer was the Terry College of Business. At least that would eventually be the correct answer. When I was earning a marketing degree the business college had no official name, so my Brooks Hall guess would have been as good as any.

But I am getting into the weeds already. And I haven't even started.

If I am going to start, I will start by dropping names of prominent Terry grads I know who are making headlines at UGA and around the globe. They include, in alphabetical order, David Battle, Darren DeVore, David Hanna, Kessel Stelling and Debbie Gohr Storey.

There sure are a lot of "D" names in there. I am not sure what that is about. There are a lot of guys. I know what that is about, because they are my Phi Gamma Delta fraternity brothers. I know what the lone woman is about too, because she is my client and friend dating back to grade school.

Suffice it to say the University of Georgia College of Business Administration has always been a dang good place to get an education, even before it had a name.

When it got a name it got even better. Two years after the school was named Terry College, in 1993 Georgia's HOPE Scholarship made the entire University and Terry College better still. The HOPE was founded by my hero, the late great Zell Miller.

The first I heard of Zell was when yet another fraternity brother, Keith Mason, arrived on campus 2 years behind me. I had never known a college freshman to so passionately advocate for any politician, but Keith definitely knew something I did not.

I thought long and hard to identify the best video I could find to represent Terry College greatness, but it got late and I gave up. You can find one you like best and tell me which one I should have picked.

So many people have written so many things about Terry College rankings I will not attempt to do so here. At this hour it's easier for a tired guy like me to insert hyperlinks.

I was actually a little bit of a College of Business Administration honcho back in the old days when there was far less competition, serving as Vice President of the school's student council. There I was propped up by two other heroes and business school legends, fraternity brothers and senior officers Ken Murphy and Greg Sowell.

At least I had the decency to put on a jacket for photo day. Even the great Dean Flewellen didn't get the memo. "Papa" Sowell lacked the decency to even show up.

My primary VP responsibility was to manage Career Day, when recruiters from major employers came to entice soon to be graduates. That scored me a radio interview with the great Ernie Johnson. Ernie metriculated at the Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, but he is such a cool guy and was so nice during our conversation I include him in this Terry College discussion. Though it was not yet Terry College. I think I am repeating myself.

I was also President of the Marketing Club. I embellished the organization name on my resume, albeit factually, as the University of Georgia Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association a/k/a AMA. My primary claim to fame there was the knack for completing obscure budget request forms few people knew about to fund club parties and trips to AMA conventions in Hartford and Chicago. Chicago was more fun. I probably don't need to explain why.

Marketing Club gentlemen knew to wear jackets on photo day.

Note the recurring pensive hands folded in front photo day pose. Maybe they taught us that at the Brooks Hall Business School.

As Marketing Club CEO I also secured Dean Rusk as a guest speaker. Not because he had anything to do with marketing, but because he was famous and available. That scored Dean and me and three other officers a pre-meeting dinner at some steak house I could not afford, again due to my knack for completing obscure budget request forms to get UGA to pay for things I could not afford.

I have been away from the state of Georgia and University of Georgia for a few decades and only recently returned. I have some catching up to do, and I mean to do that by getting involved in things like the Terry College Third Thursday and UGA Alumni Association Atlanta Chapter leadership. I only hope it is as easy to get elected to some high office there as it was to become President of the Marketing Club.

Okay, so this isn't so much about Terry College as it is about my friends from Terry College, then known as "The Business School". It is late, and I can write what I want, even if it means a few readers vote for my opponents in some Alumni Association leadership election.

I may or may not write something more substantive and coherent about Terry College serious greatness when I am better rested. But before bed I must go back up and paste in some images that may not make sense where they may not belong to make this look prettier.

In the meantime look for this future headline on some tabloid at the Dollar Tree checkout line near you:

For this specific press release please do not contact:

University of Georgia
Terry College of Business
600 South Lumpkin Street
Athens, GA 30602

For this specific press release please do contact:

Stoddard Media

CDI USA ~ Leading the Way in Value Engineering for Corporate Exhibits, Events and Permanent Interiors

CDI USA ~ Moving the Industry ~ Expanding into New State of the Art Facility

Founded in Singapore in 1995, Communication Design International (CDI World) is an international marketing and communications company offering extensive project management services. With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Asia, the company is strategically located and well equipped with the knowledge to manage their clients' diverse requirements.

CDI World has accomplished more than 1000 projects around the world. Their portfolio includes brand strategy, design and implementation of retail stores, themed museums, corporate offices, as well as the design, planning and construction of international exhibitions and events.

In 2013 CDI World expanded into its CDI USA facility in metro Atlanta. Today CDI USA announces its expansion into a new Atlanta facility improving work efficiencies and expanding capacity.

Keeping with CDI USA's mandate to continuously innovate, the company took extreme care to assure that the new facility will benefit clients, employees - and the environment.

To accommodate business expansion to date - and into the foreseeable future - the new facility will nearly double the space of the current plant; from 55,000 sq ft to 100,000 sq ft.

Energy efficient lighting fixtures are installed throughout the entire facility, resulting in improved work conditions for staff, lower utility costs and a dramatically reduced carbon footprint.

New offices feature reclaimed materials. This includes floor covering, cabinetry and lighting fixtures. Reclaimed wood and other structural materials went into building framework, wall and surface finishes, appliances, counter tops and more.

CDI USA is a sustaining partner with Lifecycle Building Center, or LBC. CDI USA President Durl Jensen has long served on LBC's Advisory Board. CDI and LBC share the mission to reduce waste and minimize the volume of materials delivered to land fills.

CDI USA contributes to this effort by both donating recyclable materials and consuming reclaimed and repurposed materials. 

At the core of CDI USA's business services is value engineering, custom manufacturing and management of custom trade show exhibits, event structures and commercial interiors.

CDI produces award winning exhibits across the globe.

Permanent commercial interiors are a growing facet of CDI's portfolio.

CDI produces corporate events on any scale and at every imaginable type of venue, whether ...

... in a custom created indoor space:

... or the great outdoors.

With offices in the US, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia and Beijing and over a dozen affiliates spanning 5 continents, no client project is beyond CDI's reach.

The full CDI World Story translates into seamless integration of global capabilities on a scale offered by no other enterprise.


Durl Jensen
1501 Rock Mountain Blvd
Stone Mountain GA 30083

Monday, April 23, 2018

University of Georgia Terry College of Business Atlanta Area Campuses ~ Academic Excellence Beyond Athens

The Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia has evolved into a legendary academic institution. Ranked among the top 25 undergraduate and graduate programs across vast study fields, Terry College attracts an increasing number of high achieving students from around the globe.

UGA founded its business school in 1912. It rapidly grew to become the flagship institution in Georgia and among the top in the southeast United States. Today the alumni network spans the world with more than 59,000 living graduates in 80 countries.

Terry has expanded into campuses beyond Athens to meet the needs of undergrads and graduates alike. 

The Terry Executive Education Center in Buckhead opened in 2007. The 33,000 square foot facility offers modern conference rooms, special events space, interview suites and executive classrooms. To explore take a virtual Buckhead campus tour. One can reserve meeting space with no prior UGA affiliation.

The Atlanta campus offers two approaches to securing an MBA

The Executive MBA Program a/k/a EMBA is for mid to high level professionals to enhance leadership development, international experience and more. EMBA students complete their degree on weekends in 18 months.

With the Professional MBA Program students can earn their degree in 23 months through a flexible curriculum delivery format that includes distance learning. On site courses are offered at both the Executive Education Center and at the UGA Gwinnett Campus.

Terry offers Executive Education from leading corporate and
academic professionals in the Atlanta area. Students can complete certification programs in as little as two days.

Lean Six Sigma Certification is an enterprise-wide, data-driven methodology used to improve products or processes. The course may be taken in a classroom setting or via online curriculum from the same instructor.

Fundamentals of Finance is an online course to increase understanding of how money works. Students enhance their value to their organization and gain insight into strategic planning, communications, project funding and more.

Project Management offers concepts, techniques and applications in implementing complex processes and prepares students to take the CAPM or PMP exams.

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ - CFP® Certification is offered in a traditional classroom setting in the evenings, as self-paced online format and via a hybrid of the two.

Custom Programs are also available to cater to an organization’s specific needs.

The UGA Griffin Campus south of Atlanta offers a General Business BBA degree. 

The program is for students who seek general training in multiple academic areas and may wish to pursue an advanced degree.

The University of Georgia business school has developed leaders for over 100 years. Now the renowned Terry College offers professional growth opportunities and academic excellence on campuses far beyond Athens.


University of Georgia
Terry College of Business
Terry Executive Education Center
Live Oak Square
3475 Lenox Road NE Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30326

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Homes by Mia ~ Mia Hannah ~ Real Estate with Passion, Focus and Knowledge

Growing up in Atlanta in a family with a loving brother and two loving sisters, Mia Hannah knew her future held few limits. She was surrounded by support, encouragement and assurance.

Just what path Mia would take was not so clearly determined. She 
only knew that she would somehow help, nurture and teach, just as she had been helped, nurtured and taught.

Homes by Mia

Mia's beloved late father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force and a Vietnam veteran. He was away from home during some of Mia's childhood. And that further reinforced Mia's determination to serve.

Though she was born and raised mostly in Georgia, Mia attended middle school in Japan. That gave her a broad perspective on life in so many aspects it is the subject for a whole other discussion.

Upon graduation from Georgia College & State University Mia embarked on a successful sales career in the optometry field. Pardon the pun, but it is perhaps here where Mia gained focus and vision.

In 2003 Mia found her life's calling when she began her real estate career. Here she found she could enrich customers with her passion and knowledge.

With Mia the discussion of "knowledge" gets pleasantly complicated. She certainly does not claim to know everything. She is in constant pursuit of more knowledge. Yet she and others find she is a natural teacher. With remarkable simplicity and clarity, she freely shares the wealth of knowledge she has attained.

In terms of certifications and special recognition, Mia can "modestly boast" these achievements:

EcoBroker®, Certified Distressed Property Expert, Life Member, Atlanta Board of Realtors Million Dollar Club

Mia has two designations that encompass personal passions:

The EcoBroker® program is a symbol of environmentally responsible and sustainable practices in the real estate industry. A long-time, "green" advocate, Mia was delighted to add this internationally-recognized certification to her growing environmental resume. The training educates and empowers real estate professionals to actively promote energy-efficient and "green" features in homes and buildings.

As a Certified Distressed Property Expert, Mia offers skills and tools in the purchase and sale of short sales and foreclosed property.

The Million Dollar Club acknowledges annual sales over $1,000,000. Life Member recognizes that level of volume for 5 years or more.

Mia's volunteer activities primarily revolve around assisting the Senior Citizen Community and this past year she obtained a designation catering to that community - Seniors Real Estate Specialist®. REALTORS® who carry the SRES® designation are specially qualified to address the real estate needs of those age 50+.

Mia brings a unique whole perspective to the real estate experience. Perhaps she could and should claim to be "The Zen Realtor®".

Far more than most agents, Mia shares her invaluable network and resources to the benefit of her customers.

Resources for buyers.
Resources for sellers.
Discover your home's value.

Modesty prevents Mia from excessively touting her attributes. We'll let client testimonials speak on her behalf.

It's just a shame Mia works so hard she never has any fun.

Call Mia Hannah today at 404-317-2352 so she can put her real estate passion, focus and knowledge to work for you. Or go here.

Be sure to ask for "The Zen Realtor®".


Mia Hannah
Homes by Mia
Keller Williams Atlanta Perimeter
115 Perimeter Center Place, Suite 100
Atlanta GA 30346
404-317-2352 - Cell
678-298-1600 - Office

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Country City Realty ~ The Best Marriage of Two Worlds ~ Best Service in Georgia

When you call Country City Realty do not be surprised if a man with a relaxed drawl answers with:

"Country City Realty. This is Country."

Or a relaxed woman with no drawl may answer with:

"Country City Realty. This is City."

This is the relaxed world of Jennifer Short and Jon Ellis, two of the most genuine Realtors® one will find any time anywhere. Do not be deceived by their laid back demeanor. This wife and husband duo know fire, determination and resilience like no other.

In 2008 Jennifer Short sold real estate and owned a rental home agency in New York City. She served Manhattan, Brooklyn, upstate or anywhere a customer may have needs a few bridges or tunnels away.

In 2008 Jon Ellis bred, raised, trained and raced horses in Vian, Oklahoma. Vian is just north of the Arkansas River. That is debatably pronounced 'R-Kansas'. It depends on where the pronouncer is from. Jon's interests were not limited to horses.

For the record, Jennifer has no photos of herself like the one above.

They lived in worlds about as different as any two on one continent can be. They were each successful and happy. And single.

They each happened to casually register on the same matchmaker website. Neither thought to filter geography as a limit to their search. For each this was just an incidental diversion. Not much thought or planning went into it. No particular result was expected.

One day Jon was poking around the website and saw a cute lady named Jennifer. He introduced himself. She introduced herself back. They soon advanced beyond introductions into conversations. Conversations advanced to friendship. Friendship advanced to good friendship. Good friendship advanced to passion - or the real possibility of it. Yet they had never met in person.

Jennifer had a passion for horses from her childhood days in Illinois attending a riding camp. It was something between lofty equestrian training and a gritty dude ranch.

Jon had a passion for horses in his DNA. His family bred, raised, trained and raced horses for generations. He took his passion to another level, hand raising selected horses like his own children.

One fine day in 2009 Jon sold a horse trailer to a buyer in Maine. How convenient. Jon opted to deliver the trailer rather than ship it. New York is conveniently located between Oklahoma and Maine. Jon had never been to New York. Jon had never met Jennifer.

Jon called Jennifer. Each knew one could not park a horse trailer in New York City. They arranged to meet in the country north of the city. Do you see the makings of a great team name developing?

Jon and Jennifer met. They liked each other. A lot. A whole lot.

Jon returned to Oklahoma. Before long Jon and Jennifer agreed some force they could not comprehend took hold of their hearts and minds. They were in love.

Oklahoma was not the place for Jennifer. New York was not the place for Jon. Where then was the place for both of them? Atlanta.

Jon and Jennifer married and moved to a ranch northwest of Atlanta. Jennifer successfully plied her real estate skills in a new market while maintaining business in New York. Jon successfully plied his horsemanship skills while expanding stables and facilities on their new turf. 

Jon and Jennifer returned to Oklahoma to select yearlings from the family ranch to adopt and raise. Jon selected one that struck him as a beauty with potential. Jennifer selected one that followed her around and won her heart.

Things were majestic for three years.

In 2013 things got even more majestic. Jon and Jennifer learned they were expecting a child.

In May 2013 Jon traveled to Oklahoma to race 8 horses he stabled. He owned four and trained three for others. The two horses Jon and Jennifer selected 2 years earlier had the best potential to finish well in the scheduled races.

At the training center others confided that Jon's horse would be the clear favorite to win his race. The purse would exceed $100,000.

As race day approached Jon felt a sense of foreboding. Bad weather was forecast. Having endured a lifetime of Oklahoma weather threats this was nothing new. Yet Jon sensed something ominous. The thought would not leave him. Yet he did not leave Oklahoma.

Then the unimaginable.

On May 20 the largest tornado in history tore across Oklahoma. Jon was at lunch in town and watched as the 2 mile wide funnel blew across the landscape. He leapt into his truck and raced to his horses. When he arrived nothing was there. Nothing except one maimed horse.

Seven of the eight horses simply vanished. Jon found the eight irreparably injured and immediately had it put down.

Jon remained in Oklahoma for days with others who suffered the same fate. By instinct they would return each morning to search for life that could not be found. After a grueling span Jon could do nothing but return to Georgia. Still in shock.

Jennifer had certainly following weather reports. Her obvious first thought was of Jon's survival. The relief that Jon was fine was immense, the enormity of their family loss equally immense.

They lost most of their family. They lost their financial fortune. They lost much of their life. And they had a child on the way.

Upon return home Jon did all he could do. He worked. He went to work with equipment he has and tended the property of neighbors. He cared for Derbydaydelight, their lone surviving horse who was too young to take and race in Oklahoma. To bring in new horses was not an option, economically or emotionally.

Jon and Jennifer had a daughter, Montana, a healthy, brilliant, amazing girl. 

With the passage of time despair led to resignation, then resolve and determination. 

Jennifer continued to prosper in real estate, both in New York and Georgia. Jon continued to work. They loved on and nurtured Montana. They bought a house closer to Atlanta with no room for a horse and sent Derbydaydelight back home to Oklahoma.

Montana continues to amaze to this day. She is a child who thrives.

In October 2017 Jon joined Jennifer to form Country City Realty. Perhaps their past is all part of a greater design. The team immediately discovered that the two parts make a greater whole than they could possibly imagine. The majesty they found in romance and marriage at once was manifest in their work.

Today Jon and Jennifer greet each day with marvel. At what new skill Montana will reveal. At what new adventure lies before them. At what new opportunity they may find to help someone buy or sell a home.

To work with Jon and Jennifer is to experience the pleasure of real estate as it should be. They bring to every relationship and transaction an unmatched level of energy, dedication and compassion.

Call Country City Realty today at 404-695-8685 to sell your home or buy one. 

Whether it be Country or City, whoever answers will take excellent care of you.


Jennifer Short Ellis
Jon Ellis
Country City Realty Team at Keller Williams Realty Partners
220 Heritage Walk, Suite 100
Woodstock, GA 30075