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Country City Realty ~ The Best Marriage of Two Worlds ~ Best Service in Georgia

When you call Country City Realty do not be surprised if a man with a relaxed drawl answers with:

"Country City Realty. This is Country."

Or a relaxed woman with no drawl may answer with:

"Country City Realty. This is City."

This is the relaxed world of Jennifer Short and Jon Ellis, two of the most genuine Realtors® one will find any time anywhere. Do not be deceived by their laid back demeanor. This wife and husband duo know fire, determination and resilience like no other.

In 2008 Jennifer Short sold real estate and owned a rental home agency in New York City. She served Manhattan, Brooklyn, upstate or anywhere a customer may have needs a few bridges or tunnels away.

In 2008 Jon Ellis bred, raised, trained and raced horses in Vian, Oklahoma. Vian is just north of the Arkansas River. That is debatably pronounced 'R-Kansas'. It depends on where the pronouncer is from. Jon's interests were not limited to horses.

For the record, Jennifer has no photos of herself like the one above.

They lived in worlds about as different as any two on one continent can be. They were each successful and happy. And single.

They each happened to casually register on the same matchmaker website. Neither thought to filter geography as a limit to their search. For each this was just an incidental diversion. Not much thought or planning went into it. No particular result was expected.

One day Jon was poking around the website and saw a cute lady named Jennifer. He introduced himself. She introduced herself back. They soon advanced beyond introductions into conversations. Conversations advanced to friendship. Friendship advanced to good friendship. Good friendship advanced to passion - or the real possibility of it. Yet they had never met in person.

Jennifer had a passion for horses from her childhood days in Illinois attending a riding camp. It was something between lofty equestrian training and a gritty dude ranch.

Jon had a passion for horses in his DNA. His family bred, raised, trained and raced horses for generations. He took his passion to another level, hand raising selected horses like his own children.

One fine day in 2009 Jon sold a horse trailer to a buyer in Maine. How convenient. Jon opted to deliver the trailer rather than ship it. New York is conveniently located between Oklahoma and Maine. Jon had never been to New York. Jon had never met Jennifer.

Jon called Jennifer. Each knew one could not park a horse trailer in New York City. They arranged to meet in the country north of the city. Do you see the makings of a great team name developing?

Jon and Jennifer met. They liked each other. A lot. A whole lot.

Jon returned to Oklahoma. Before long Jon and Jennifer agreed some force they could not comprehend took hold of their hearts and minds. They were in love.

Oklahoma was not the place for Jennifer. New York was not the place for Jon. Where then was the place for both of them? Atlanta.

Jon and Jennifer married and moved to a ranch northwest of Atlanta. Jennifer successfully plied her real estate skills in a new market while maintaining business in New York. Jon successfully plied his horsemanship skills while expanding stables and facilities on their new turf. 

Jon and Jennifer returned to Oklahoma to select yearlings from the family ranch to adopt and raise. Jon selected one that struck him as a beauty with potential. Jennifer selected one that followed her around and won her heart.

Things were majestic for three years.

In 2013 things got even more majestic. Jon and Jennifer learned they were expecting a child.

In May 2013 Jon traveled to Oklahoma to race 8 horses he stabled. He owned four and trained three for others. The two horses Jon and Jennifer selected 2 years earlier had the best potential to finish well in the scheduled races.

At the training center others confided that Jon's horse would be the clear favorite to win his race. The purse would exceed $100,000.

As race day approached Jon felt a sense of foreboding. Bad weather was forecast. Having endured a lifetime of Oklahoma weather threats this was nothing new. Yet Jon sensed something ominous. The thought would not leave him. Yet he did not leave Oklahoma.

Then the unimaginable.

On May 20 the largest tornado in history tore across Oklahoma. Jon was at lunch in town and watched as the 2 mile wide funnel blew across the landscape. He leapt into his truck and raced to his horses. When he arrived nothing was there. Nothing except one maimed horse.

Seven of the eight horses simply vanished. Jon found the eight irreparably injured and immediately had it put down.

Jon remained in Oklahoma for days with others who suffered the same fate. By instinct they would return each morning to search for life that could not be found. After a grueling span Jon could do nothing but return to Georgia. Still in shock.

Jennifer had certainly following weather reports. Her obvious first thought was of Jon's survival. The relief that Jon was fine was immense, the enormity of their family loss equally immense.

They lost most of their family. They lost their financial fortune. They lost much of their life. And they had a child on the way.

Upon return home Jon did all he could do. He worked. He went to work with equipment he has and tended the property of neighbors. He cared for Derbydaydelight, their lone surviving horse who was too young to take and race in Oklahoma. To bring in new horses was not an option, economically or emotionally.

Jon and Jennifer had a daughter, Montana, a healthy, brilliant, amazing girl. 

With the passage of time despair led to resignation, then resolve and determination. 

Jennifer continued to prosper in real estate, both in New York and Georgia. Jon continued to work. They loved on and nurtured Montana. They bought a house closer to Atlanta with no room for a horse and sent Derbydaydelight back home to Oklahoma.

Montana continues to amaze to this day. She is a child who thrives.

In October 2017 Jon joined Jennifer to form Country City Realty. Perhaps their past is all part of a greater design. The team immediately discovered that the two parts make a greater whole than they could possibly imagine. The majesty they found in romance and marriage at once was manifest in their work.

Today Jon and Jennifer greet each day with marvel. At what new skill Montana will reveal. At what new adventure lies before them. At what new opportunity they may find to help someone buy or sell a home.

To work with Jon and Jennifer is to experience the pleasure of real estate as it should be. They bring to every relationship and transaction an unmatched level of energy, dedication and compassion.

Call Country City Realty today at 404-695-8685 to sell your home or buy one. 

Whether it be Country or City, whoever answers will take excellent care of you.


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