Monday, February 26, 2018

Keller Williams Atlanta Realtor® Ryan Lewis is a Most Modest High Achiever

Ryan Williams is a modest but accomplished man. He is modest to the point that he would prefer not to have an "About Me" page on this website. To Ryan it is only About You that matters.

But here you are at Ryan Lewis & Associates for perhaps the first time. You are probably here because you wish to sell or buy a home. To do so it is a good idea to get to know more about the man who can best assist you to achieve your goal.

A lifelong resident of Georgia, Ryan was born in the suburban town of Decatur but raised in Bainbridge, just 17 miles north of the Florida state line. He can fondly tell you about River Town Days, the Swine Time Festival and the Decatur County Fall Fest. He would be happy to guide you on an entertaining walking tour of charming downtown Bainbridge while blindfolded, but that is not likely why you are here.

Ryan showed such potential in his youth that he earned an appointment to the US Military Academy in West Point. In addition to scholastic achievement, civic contributions and an impeccably honorable reputation, such an appointment requires the recommendation of a member of the US Senate or House of Representatives. Such prominent national figures put their name and reputation on the line only for America's most promising 
young citizens.

Weighing many options at age 18 can be daunting. After much consideration and prayer Ryan decided the best path for him was to enroll at the University of Georgia. While he did well in college, like so many Ryan found it difficult to just sit still. He is a doer, not a sitter. 

All this discussion about himself makes Ryan uncomfortable, kinda like sitting still.

Determined to chart his own course sooner rather than later, Ryan left UGA to explore the working world, not certain where that would take him. Again like so many, Ryan began waiting tables at a restaurant as he figured out his direction. He was popular and successful as a waiter, yet it certainly was not his long term ambition. An entrepreneurial itch was taking seed, and that called for further exploration.

An affinity for the outdoors and fast paced activity compelled Ryan to establish his own pressure washing business. He was again popular and successful doing this, but he knew it to be only a stepping stone to some next thing.

What Ryan was starting to conclude was that he is "a builder". Since childhood he built relationships, and he built upon experience. As good builders do, he aspired to improve things, and when he left whatever he touched was better than when he started.

That said, the next logical step up was to physically build homes, which he did as a general contractor. Popularity and success continued, yet Ryan found greater satisfaction in face to face time with customers than in oversight of carpentry, electrical and plumbing details. 

The natural progression then was to sell homes. In 2005 Ryan first became a Realtor®. Not to belabor this point, but popularity and success continued again - up to the point when home selling success became nearly impossible. The 2008 "economic shift" had a significant impact on home demand, to put it mildly.

Throughout what might seem like some to be turmoil, Ryan never had doubts or regrets. With each transition he saw opportunity and growth. And his commitment to service continued to grow.

While folks might not buy homes for a while, they would certainly need to eat. Ryan opened a restaurant, grew and improved it, then sold it.

Next Ryan opened a home pest control business. It was here he recognized and enhanced his ability to build just about anything. He loved the customer interaction. He started the business with 4 trucks and expanded it to eventually include 23 service vehicles. Then he sold the business, far better than when he started it.

A small detail bears mentioning here. Ryan married a phenomenal woman, and they parented four phenomenal daughters, now ages 6 to 18. His wife and daughters are modest too. Ryan will proudly tell you about them, but they will not let him write about them here.

2015 marks the year Ryan Lewis found his true calling. This time he did not embark on something new and different. He returned to the profession he loved most and knew was his eventual destiny. Ryan resumed his passion for real estate and joined Keller Williams.

Ryan is reluctant to talk about a specialty or territory. He has helped sellers and buyers of houses, condominiums, building lots and raw land, valued from $40,000 to $600,000. He has negotiated the sale of properties from downtown Atlanta to Ball Ground, to Social Circle, to Locust Grove and Douglasville.

If Ryan had to pin down his territory he would probably say it is the state of Georgia. He will go wherever his customers need help. Ryan estimates that he and his team have happily logged close to a quarter of a million miles on their vehicles in two years.

He loves to work with first time buyers, high net worth investors and everyone in between. 

Here is where many Realtor® "About Me" pages begin, but it is where Ryan's modesty makes it uncomfortable for him to boast. In his team's first two years they have averaged 52 transactions and over $10,000,000 in sales volume. This is nothing short of remarkable for a team of three who have just begun - or recently returned to - real estate sales.

Ryan's lean, passionate - and compassionate - team includes an executive assistant and transaction coordinator. They work tirelessly and seamlessly together from the first appointment to closing - and beyond - to exceed customer expectations. 

This may sound like the claim of many agents across America, but Ryan's group could not achieve such success so quickly if they did not live and breathe the customer first philosophy every day.

People have real estate needs of all shapes and sizes. Some may live in a home for only a few years due to frequent career moves. Some upsize, some downsize. Some buy a lot and build. Some invest for income. And some buy their first home. Ryan welcomes you all.

If conspicuous initial sales success does not speak for itself, Ryan's rave performance reviews are nothing short of astonishing. See what his customers have to say.  Such a volume of across the board 5 Star ratings are virtually unheard of in the real estate profession.

Let's look at what can take place over the course of a homeowner's lifetime.

You make your first purchase.
Your family grows.
You celebrate milestone events.
You savor everyday experiences.
You share family rewards.
You welcome family and friends.

Perhaps you already envision all of these things taking place in your next home. Perhaps you haven't enjoyed the time to think that far ahead. Ryan will make sure you not only keep treasured future life events in perspective, he will see to it that finding and securing your perfect home is a most enjoyable experience.

Ryan thrills at giving back to community. But a picture tells a thousand stories. Make Ryan tell you what is in the bucket. There is far more there than the photo suggests.

It may sound like Ryan is all business. Let us put that perception to rest. Make him tell you about almost falling off this steer.

We hope by now you know enough about Ryan Lewis to entrust him with one of the most major decisions of your life. If you wish to see his professional portrait appearance we share a rare instance of modest Ryan simply sitting still and posing for the camera.

Please take this opportunity to call Ryan Lewis & Associates today at 678-616-6518 to schedule a convenient time to meet. Please just do not ask him to talk about himself. Please expect him to ask a lot About You and how he can help. To Ryan that is all that matters.

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