Friday, April 27, 2018

CDI USA ~ Leading the Way in Value Engineering for Corporate Exhibits, Events and Permanent Interiors

CDI USA ~ Moving the Industry ~ Expanding into New State of the Art Facility

Founded in Singapore in 1995, Communication Design International (CDI World) is an international marketing and communications company offering extensive project management services. With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Asia, the company is strategically located and well equipped with the knowledge to manage their clients' diverse requirements.

CDI World has accomplished more than 1000 projects around the world. Their portfolio includes brand strategy, design and implementation of retail stores, themed museums, corporate offices, as well as the design, planning and construction of international exhibitions and events.

In 2013 CDI World expanded into its CDI USA facility in metro Atlanta. Today CDI USA announces its expansion into a new Atlanta facility improving work efficiencies and expanding capacity.

Keeping with CDI USA's mandate to continuously innovate, the company took extreme care to assure that the new facility will benefit clients, employees - and the environment.

To accommodate business expansion to date - and into the foreseeable future - the new facility will nearly double the space of the current plant; from 55,000 sq ft to 100,000 sq ft.

Energy efficient lighting fixtures are installed throughout the entire facility, resulting in improved work conditions for staff, lower utility costs and a dramatically reduced carbon footprint.

New offices feature reclaimed materials. This includes floor covering, cabinetry and lighting fixtures. Reclaimed wood and other structural materials went into building framework, wall and surface finishes, appliances, counter tops and more.

CDI USA is a sustaining partner with Lifecycle Building Center, or LBC. CDI USA President Durl Jensen has long served on LBC's Advisory Board. CDI and LBC share the mission to reduce waste and minimize the volume of materials delivered to land fills.

CDI USA contributes to this effort by both donating recyclable materials and consuming reclaimed and repurposed materials. 

At the core of CDI USA's business services is value engineering, custom manufacturing and management of custom trade show exhibits, event structures and commercial interiors.

CDI produces award winning exhibits across the globe.

Permanent commercial interiors are a growing facet of CDI's portfolio.

CDI produces corporate events on any scale and at every imaginable type of venue, whether ...

... in a custom created indoor space:

... or the great outdoors.

With offices in the US, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia and Beijing and over a dozen affiliates spanning 5 continents, no client project is beyond CDI's reach.

The full CDI World Story translates into seamless integration of global capabilities on a scale offered by no other enterprise.


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