Sunday, August 20, 2017

Comfort Zone Dazzles Outside Lands 2017 Patrons with VIP Sanitation Facilities

Over 200,000 revelers gathered last weekend at the 10th Anniversary Outside Lands Music Festival, staged in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

From 11 AM to 10 PM Friday through Sunday, guests were treated to over 70 music & comedy groups & performers, including headliners The Who, Metallica & Gorillaz. The massive event covered 8 separate stages & venues.

Accommodating such a large number of people for 3 days with food & beverage is a daunting task, and event organizers prepare months & years in advance to service ever increasing numbers of patrons with more of everything & greater comfort than the prior year event.

For decades one aspect of such festivals remained relatively unchanged, specifically, the restroom facilities. This year Comfort Zone Portables changed all that at Outdside Lands, at least for those guests paying the highest prices for VIP ticket packages.

Comfort Zone is hardly new to welcoming concert & festival goers, having served dozens of major events across North America over the years. They simply improve the products & services that make their facilities so welcoming year after year.

As most are familiar, the typical large scale event covers sprawling grounds. They seem to constantly grow bigger & better, with more of everything from food & beverage to arts, crafts, & an increasing variety of vendors. Yet certain things never seem to get better.

It’s all so festive – until it’s time to “do business”. Then typically comes the dreaded wait in long lines to less than pleasant “stations”, often causing one to miss large spans of entertainment - the main reason to attend the event in the first place.

Women & men may not stand in the same line, but when the hour is late & the need urgent many pay little attention to any gender specified on the door. Sanitation is an afterthought, privacy nonexistent.

For at least some, Outside Lands 2017 was very different. Comfort Zone creates what is becoming their trademark of sorts, separate compounds for women & men, which they call an Oasis. Next, they install flushing toilets & ceramic sinks, all fed with fresh water, with waste removed directly to the local sewer system.

No matter how modern the facilities, Comfort Zone makes certain they are regularly cleaned & freshened. The Oases are even decorated with exterior adornments & hanging mirrors in every station. It is clear certain folks are pleased.

Ever seen a smiling face like this emerge from a jiffy johnny? Watch her tell the story.

Comfort Zone aspires to raise standards across the country at events large & small. With increasing frequency leading, forward thinking organizers & sponsors select them to service the entire venue, not only the VIP patrons. This should come as welcome news to tens of thousands of festival goers for decades to come.

Want to learn more about Comfort Zone products & services? Call Mark Slade on his direct line at 404-918-3187.

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Celebrating 15 years of service to sponsors & customers at concerts, festivals, sporting & corporate events, Comfort Zone Portables continues to lead the industry in providing farsighted innovative sanitation solutions.

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