Sunday, August 20, 2017

Keller Williams Hoover Alabama Broker John Chambers Lives & Loves Birmingham

The state of Alabama is famous for being an inhospitable place for University of Georgia graduates to live or visit. Mere mention of the date December 1, 2012 brings many Bulldog fans to fits, even though the event took place in Atlanta that “day of infamy".

Crimson Tide fans may need reminding. If cued they may recall, “Oh ya, that was just a little old bump in the road on our way to another national championship.”

To UGA alums it is different. If one chooses to go into more specifics, such as speaking three words “2012 SEC Championship”, Georgia patrons often feel the urgent need to take a nap. From which they may not arise for a week. Bulldogs can take lame consolation only in that they win more often than not vs Auburn and are undefeated against Troy State.

This makes it difficult to explain why John Chambers is so happy in Alabama.

Chambers was a leader early in life. He was president of his prestigious Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity at UGA and led them to a Cheney Cub, awarded to the best chapter in the nation. He earned the nickname Chomper, because he was big and intense. Always with a smile on his face, he was slow to anger, but one did not want to try.

Chomper played on two Phi Gam intramural flag football teams, the serious squad that worked hard to compete for championships, and the Honyaks , who preferred to play in khakis and loafers, grittily determined to lose every game in the least competitive division on campus.

One freshman Honyak, in good shape from high school football, on the first play of the first practice of the season, lined up opposite senior Chambers. The lad was eager to challenge the big man on campus and earn his stripes. Ball snapped, lad runs full speed into brick wall Chomper, falls backward awkwardly, sprains ankle, end of season. Chambers’ grinning comment, “Petey, get off your butt and tape an aspirin to it.”

Chambers earned his general aviation pilot’s license while in high school, and he worked at the Athens municipal airport throughout college. Upon graduation with a BBA degree in management, he worked in the aviation field he loved in various capacities.

Fast forward to 2009. Chambers and his family moved to the chic St Andrews community of old Panama City Beach FL. There he discovered his passion and gift for real estate.

Commuting with his family back and forth to his wife’s Birmingham hometown was a pleasure for two years, but the lure of the Magic City inspired them to relocate and uproot from the beautiful Emerald Coast. That is one mighty powerful lure.

Chambers’ Birmingham real estate business prospered, as he expanded his local network and nurtured common interest relationships with friends in Northwest Florida. His love of the city grew. To old Atlanta friends he summarizes the pleasure of life here with, “Birmingham has no traffic helicopter.” Acknowledging there are more numerous and far greater pleasures to share, he knows that’s enough to stir up intense envy in any Atlantan

His passion for Birmingham is manifest in community service. As 2016 president of BNI Pinnacle, the referral network chapter transacted over $730,000 in commerce.

In 2017 Chambers joined the respected Keller Williams Birmingham Hoover office as qualifying Broker, where he applies his talents to nurture and motivate veteran and new agents. He finds great satisfaction in remaining a selling broker vs strictly a managerial role. More than ever, he thrives on the daily work of directly serving sellers and buyers

His adopted home town so grips him that Chambers created his real estate website under the name He is happily in place for the long haul.

To learn more about the business and pleasure of Birmingham real estate call John Chambers on his direct line at 205-907-5650. Ask for Chomper. Please do not mention December 1, 2012, or he might have to go home and take a nap.


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