Sunday, August 27, 2017

Comfort Zone Will Be First Responder ~ to Hurricane Harvey First Responders

Atlanta GA

First report in a series.

Mark Slade sits in his control center awaiting his next move. That move is not up to him. He awaits instruction from his client. At the moment he does not know who the client is or will be.

That is not entirely true. Tentatively his client is a utility company. That may change with the next phone call. The scope of his responsibility may grow substantially with that call.

No matter, Slade stands at the ready.

In this case the control center is Slade's living room. It is 11:30 on a Friday night, and Slade has had 4 hours of sleep in the last 36. National news informs him generally, phone calls, text messages and emails inform him specifically. As he receives updates, so he passes them on to his network.

Alpharetta GA based Comfort Zone Portables is known for delivering innovative sanitation technology to concerts, festivals and sporting & corporate events across North America. The event on Slade's mind tonight is Hurricane Harvey, which has already made landfall at the Texas coast.

No two storms are alike. While storm surge and windstorm damage in Texas is already known to be significant, it is the forecast of torrential rains and flooding in days to come that will define the scope of Comfort Zone's work. 

In this & other emergencies Comfort Zone delivers portable restroomsshowers, fresh water systemskitchen and laundry facilities to areas of need large and small. Relief workers will be in place for days or weeks, first to save lives, then to restore electricity, water, order - and civilization.

For Harvey Slade's job will be to create a survival zone. Comfort zones are for music festivals.

Slade & Comfort Zone are on standby throughout every storm season. They were at work after Hurricane Katrina and storms before & since.

In the case of Harvey Slade may be called to action by state or federal authorities at any moment. He himself may drive or fly to the danger area while others are fleeing that zone either by evacuation order or common sense. 

Slade is already directing his network to be at the ready with equipment already in the affected area as well as other nearby supplies that can be transported to the vicinity on short notice.

It is vital to identify high, dry ground as close as possible to areas of greatest need. If proposed Site A becomes submerged then on to Site B, C, D etc. There may be one base camp or eight.

Slade has prepared to mobilize all this for five days. When the storm first emerged in distant waters his phone started to ring. He began mental preparation long before even the first call.

For now Mark Slade watches, listens & waits for the next call.


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