Monday, September 11, 2017

Comfort Zone CEO's Foxhead Farm May Serve as Hurricane Relief Base Camp

Soperton GA

Comfort Zone Portables CEO Mark Slade constantly strives to plan ahead for any contingency. Whether it is to serve at a large music fest in California or first responder relief after a natural disaster, Slade anticipates needs before they arise and devises prospective solutions.

So it is with Foxhead Farm in Soperton Georgia. With relative quiet on the storm front since 2008, Foxhead has served as a hunting & fishing retreat for family, friends & Comfort Zone business associates. Roughly halfway between Macon & Savannah just south of Interstate 16, the farm is convenient to travelers across Georgia & the southeast.

In his years of stewardship Slade has made annual improvements to Foxhead. He added a second pond, thinned trees, planted others, groomed acreage & meticulusly restored & maintained biological & botanical balance.

Slade even maintains a "no-shoot" rattlesnake policy consistent with a wildlife preserve. If a rattler threatens kill it only in self-defense. Otherwise get out of the snake's habitat. Snakes were here before humans.

It is Slade's instinct to improve assets & enhance the quality & value of everything. Businesses he creates, events that Comfort Zone serves & property he owns all improve & thrive under Slade management.

Slade has continued to anticipate his original vision that Foxhead would serve a larger purpose in the event of natural disaster in the southeast US. That time has come. In the wake of Hurricane Irma first responders will require shelter & basic life essentials to do their work.

Slade's plan is to construct an approximate 200 man camp for relief workers & utility employees, perhaps even military personnel. The buildings for housing will be wind rated, allowing teams to take shelter pre-storm & for rapid response afterward.

As is becoming well known to large event producers, government agencies & others, Comfort Zone provides innovative, environmentally sustainable sanitation technology where it is needed. Products & services include mobile restrooms, showers & fresh water delivery, as well as kitchen, laundry facilities & more. A large tract of Foxhead Farm serves as a marshalling yard of sorts for such equipment, one of many strategically located across the US.

Mark Slade anticipates that Foxhead can serve as a long term encampment for Irma relief workers. Comfort Zone can provide much of the required infrastructure from its own inventory of products. What is not in their primary line of business Slade can readily secure through his vast network of associates. Tents, temporary buildings, generators, propane boilers & full maintenance & service staff can be in place on very short notice.

In the immediate term Comfort Zone is mobilizing to serve in Texas, Florida, Georgia & wherever need takes them. In the intermediate & long term Mark Slade, Comfort Zone & Foxhead Farm stand at the ready to serve a larger purpose.

Comfort Zone is an industry leader in innovative global sanitation solutions.

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