Sunday, March 4, 2018

Phil Armistead Celebrates 100 Years in the Home Improvement Business

Not really, but you’d think he has that much experience packed into his robust 60 some odd year old frame.

Phil Armistead was born on April 14. That is the date Abraham Lincoln was shot, and the Titanic started to sink. But don’t hold that against Phil. He swears he was not in the area when either of those tragedies took place. When friends who have their doubts ask him to prove it, Phil quickly changes the subject.

Phil was raised in a paint store. Not just any paint store. Founded in 1969, Armistead Paint and Supply has been a revered Atlanta landmark institution almost since its inception.

Phil grew up in the original Armistead Paints in Sandy Springs. More like Floyd’s Barber Shop than a typical store, Armistead’s was a place where all trades were discussed at length and tall tales told. Some of what was said at Armistead’s stays at Armistead’s, and we say that only in a wholesome, family friendly way.

Scores of prosperous tradespeople patronized and got their start at Armistead’s, few more talented than Phil. But he is too modest to tell you this, so we will.

Phil is full of playful mischief. Perhaps it is a genetic thing. He is descended from legendary Civil War General Lewis Armistead, who attended the United States Military Academy. Grampa Lewis had to resign from the Academy after he broke a plate over the head of future legendary General Jubal Early. But let’s try to stay on track here.

You will find we use the word legendary a lot here. It fits when discussing legendary Phil Armistead, a legend in his own mind. But he is a modest legendary guy.

Phil attended the legendary St. Pius High School and was a standout athlete. He was recruited by legendary UGA Defensive Coordinator Irk Russell to play for the legendary Junkyard Dawgs. But Phil decided he would rather paint. Or something like that.

Along the way Phil reared an incredibly attractive, talented and legendary family.

Suffice it to say Phil does not only paint, though he does that extremely well. He also tiles, frames, details, trims, remodels, plumbs and finishes. If you need a list of every skill Phil has mastered in his 100 years go here:

You might want to eliminate "boilermaker", but most others apply.

Over his 100 years Phil has completed hundreds, no thousands, no millions of legendary home improvement projects from Atlanta to his beloved Northwest Florida Redneck Riviera.

Phil has completed a good deal of Dale Carnegie Training. Yet he could win friends and influence people with no training whatsoever.

Ask legendary yet modest Phil to tell you about and show you pictures of his projects. But don't get him riled. His genetic mischief might kick in, leaving him no choice but to break a plate over your head.

For any home improvement work you ever need done please call legendary Phil Armistead at 678-974-9355.