Sunday, March 11, 2018

Stoddard Realty Network Saves Customers Time & Eliminates Guesswork

Would you like free help to find a great real estate agent?

Stoddard Realty Network's mission is to make your next real estate transaction a pleasure. We know top real estate agents around the world - and we will introduce them to you.

You do not want to spend hours to search the internet, sift through hype and interview many agents you may not like or trust. You do not want to hire your next door neighbor's aunt or uncle - unless you know that person to be a superior agent. You certainly do not want to hire any part time agent not current with trends, technology or your area of interest. 

It does not get much more simple. We have a conversation with you about a property you wish to sell or qualities you need in an area where you wish to buy. It can be a house, condo, new construction, commercial property, vacant land - even a business. It can be anywhere in the world.

A real estate transaction is typically the largest investment anyone makes in their life. And you do not get a do-over. You want to do it right the first time, every time. That requires the help of an expert. We do not claim to be an expert in your market. We do not need to be. If we do not know an expert in your market, we will find one for you. 

We are licensed real estate brokers in Georgia and Florida, with 15+ years of experience in the most competitive markets on earth. Yet we no longer represent sellers or buyers. We simply make great introductions.

Our service is not limited to residents of Georgia or Florida - or anyone seeking property in either state. We can assist anyone anywhere in the world.

Our service costs you absolutely nothing. You sign nothing with us - ever. And you are under no obligation to hire the agent to whom we introduce you. Yet we think you will want to. We will only introduce you to the best. 

While the agent we recommend is accountable primarily to you, they answer to us too. If they do not serve you well, they know we will not recommend them to another customer ever again.

You obviously ask, "What is in this for Stoddard Realty Network?" We receive a referral fee only after a transaction is complete. Agents around the world welcome referrals, as customers introduced to them tend to be informed and motivated. It saves time for both the customer and agent.

Are you looking for property in another country? Agents have a saying, "All real estate is local." That is so true. For instance, in certain parts of the world real estate is available only via long term lease, unlike a typical purchase in the US. Still, you will need a local professional to help you navigate and simplify what can otherwise be complicated steps to a transaction. 

The same holds true for every state, city and community in the US. You need a local expert. And we put you in touch with that expert.

Our broker licenses are placed with Park Place Realty Network, headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Park Place was founded by a US Marine who is a trusted innovative pioneer in the real estate profession.

Where we do not know an excellent agent, Park Place does. Neither we nor Park Place merely "draw a name from a hat" of top agents. We first review your needs, then we interview agents who best match those needs. 

So there you have it. We have used far too many words to describe a very simple service. Yet our goal is to save you time and make your real estate transaction a pleasure. We figure providing answers to almost every question you might ask will make your decision easier.

Why not call 678-725-5889 now so we can find the perfect agent for you?

Stoddard Realty Network