Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Holbrook ~ A Family of Active Adult Communities Whose Time Has Come

As baby boomers age, many have parted with oversized residences in favor of simpler abodes. In coming years still more will wish to rid themselves of ownership in any home. They will opt for freedom, comfort - and a passionate lifestyle.

Atlanta's Solomon Development Services and Speak Life Management are the first to meet this demand with creation of The Holbrook.

Holbrook communities are slated for Decatur, Acworth and Woodstock in Georgia, Greenville and Charleston, South Carolina and Nashville. The Holbrook Decatur is well underway, scheduled to open in Spring 2019. Other communities will follow in 2019 and 2020.

Each Holbrook will feature an unmatched combination of upscale amenities, lifestyle offerings and environmental health and wellness enhancements that inspire and enable residents to live life to maximum capacity.

The Holbrook sums it up as "attitude and outlook." Rooted in each community will be "a multitude of clubs, programs, activities and expeditions that tap passions from all walks."

Solomon Development has extensive experience in active adult living design and development. Its Dogwood Forest properties set the standard for enriched and inspired living environments.

The Holbrook will appeal to fully active adults with graduated levels of enhanced care offered on an as needed basis.

Facilities themselves will be constructed to hospital grade standards. Architecture will be distinctive to each, with Choate Construction as general contractor for all. Choate is the most reputable commercial and general builder in the southeast US. 

    Each Holbrook community will feature: 

    The list goes on.

    Each community will bear a unique and distinctive personality.

    The Holbrook stands apart from other active living communities.

    If you seek like-minded, energetic and exuberant neighbors to live, love and share with, The Holbook is indeed a family of communities whose time has come.


    The Holbrook