Thursday, September 27, 2018

Atlanta's Becky Lamb Travel Celebrates 25 Years of Exceptional Global Travel Experiences

Like so many, as a child Becky Farmer dreamed of traveling the world. Yet she did not know how she might go about doing that.

She was a good student growing up in the north suburbs of Atlanta, active as a cheerleader and in a myriad of extracurricular activities. 

Becky ventured to Centre College in Kentucky to earn a degree. She followed that with 10 years of successful radio sales jobs in Lexington and Atlanta.

Along the way she married Martin Lamb, her high school sweetheart. She took a few years off to have a son and daughter.

Soon thereafter Becky Lamb found her life's calling.

With only her gift for sales, passion for travel and zero business ownership experience, she hung out her shingle. 

Becky Lamb Travel was born.

A quarter of a century later, thousands of world travelers are thankful for that birth.

Becky Lamb Travel started in her home. Her primary tools were a magnetic personality, an extensive Rolodex and a telephone. The first two have blossomed and grown. The third thankfully got smaller and smarter. An obscure invention called the internet also helped.

Never intending to "do travel agency like everyone else", Becky took a different approach from day one. She did not aspire to 
specialize in one certain region or mode of travel.

Instead, she asked customers what kind of travel memories they
wanted to create. Whether it was an undiscovered destination or new extreme experience, Becky then suggested options limited only by a world atlas. She applies that same approach today.

In the decades since, Becky has led groups and sent voyagers to all seven continents. Six, if you go by certain expert opinions that Europe and Asia are one. Becky does not split hairs over such details. She prefers to simply exceed expectations.

"My philosophy has always been that travel should not be a passive experience. Those words do not really even make sense together. Yet some travel is rather dumbed down to only 'going along for the ride'. I have always encouraged clients to learn and grow."

As one would expect, Becky Lamb Travel has grown its staff of travel experts. Some advisors indeed specialize in cruises, wine tours, cuisine or certain destinations. Yet each bears their own magnetic personality and shares Becky's standards of excellence.

As a Viruoso Member, Becky Lamb Travel is recognized as one of the top agencies in the world. Virtuoso is the world's leading travel consortium, giving member agencies access to resources available to no one else.

Becky cites just one of many examples: 

"We regularly save our clients thousands on business class & first class air travel. We have access to unpublished fares that clients can't get without our help. Before someone books a premium ticket they should give us a call. Not calling could cost them thousands."

Becky summarizes what she and her staff offer as best she can:

"A vacation is about beautiful experiences, bonding and relaxation. When you choose us as your travel advisor, all of the details and stresses of traveling are erased.

A driver will pick you and your fellow vacationers up at the airport, a private guide can show you all the hidden treasures of your location, and you can focus only on leisure pleasures.

We have researched and curated thousands of resorts and destinations to ensure that our clients are only provided with the 
most elite set of experiences the world has to offer."

Nothing confirms excellence better than the words of customers who enjoy the Becky Farmer Travel experience.

Discover for yourself the pleasure that thousands of customers before you have known for 25 years. 

Contact Becky Lamb Travel today to begin planning your next memories of a lifetime.


Becky Lamb Travel