Saturday, May 12, 2018

Tarkenton Financial ~ Meet the Business Partner You’ve Been Looking For

In the world of financial planning, many professionals seek to affiliate themselves with a larger organization.

Too often that organization offers primarily what is best for the organization. Not the financial planner, not the planner's customers. As an agent, does this sound familiar to you?

At Tarkenton Financial "You're never one of many. You're one of us."

Tarkenton Financial is about one thing: helping agents build the financial practice of their dreams. We believe financial professionals who find success create it themselves. They work every day to expand their reach, to see how they can serve someone.

We’ve built a team with broad experience that’s uniquely accessible to you. Tarkenton Financial is a family business, not only in ownership and operation, but in culture as well. Trust is at the heart of what we do, from your trust in us, to your clients’ trust in you.

While millions know Fran Tarkenton the NFL legend, and many know him as a successful entrepreneur, fewer know that Fran obtained his insurance license in 1959 at age 19. 

In his “free time” when not playing football he was the number-one insurance producer in Georgia for Franklin Life Insurance. He’s the same Fran Tarkenton who today is just as passionate about retirement income strategies and innovation in financial services.

Everyone knows that details can make or break a sale. Our unmatched support helps you be more effective and efficient, so that you can focus more on the sale and less on the prep.

Unlike other insurance marketing organizations, we do relatively little advertising. We don’t have to. We’re believers in having a reputation that precedes you.

No two clients are alike, especially when it comes to their financial objectives. At Tarkenton Financial, you can meet your clients’ diverse needs 
with our comprehensive suite of annuity and life insurance products from the nation’s most reputable carriers.

We are a boutique for high performers by design, because we believe success is derived not by focusing on the volume of professionals with whom we work, but on names and faces. We focus on you.

Meet Fran Tarkenton and you’ll understand why Tarkenton Financial is right for you. Welcome to an organization:

• Where boutique trumps big.
• Where a family-first philosophy meets a first-class image.
• Where you get to work with the best, because you are the best. Not because you say it, but because you prove it. Year in, year out.
• Where performance speaks for itself.

Do you aspire to greatness? If so, Fran would like to talk to you.


Fran Tarkenton
Tarkenton Financial, LLC
3340 Peachtree Rd NE, Suite 2300
Atlanta, GA 30326