Saturday, November 10, 2018

University of Georgia Terry Magazine Analytics Rock Stars

In September 2017 the brand new Stoddard Media reached out to the founder's alma mater seeking to write for Terry Magazine, UGA's business school publication. In August 2018 that wish was granted.

The Terry Magazine editor asked if Stoddard Media could write articles about analytics. Stoddard Media's immediate response was,"Of course. We eat analytics for breakfast."

Upon accepting the project Stoddard Media's founder asked himself, "What the heck are analytics?"

This is the result, published November 8, 2018.

Paula Davis (BBA '08, MBA '09) Senior Analytics Leader, Deloitte Washington, D.C.

Lucas Puente (BBA’ 10, AB ’10) Lead Economist, Thumbtack, San Francisco

Diane Bloodworth (BBA ’82) President and CEO, Competitive Sports Analysis, Atlanta

Rory Partalis (BBA ’04) Product Manager, A9/Amazon, San Francisco

Stoddard Media and its founder are in the eternal debt of Analytics Tycoons Paula, Lucas, Diane and Rory. They could have made the author feel like an analytics buffoon. But they did not.

Go You Hairy UGA Analytics Rock Star Dawgs!!!

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