Sunday, October 28, 2018

How Did Miami Hurricane Steve Enoch Come to Manage Die Hard Georgia Bulldog Writer Lewis Grizzard?

'Manage' probably is not the right word. No one could manage Lewis Grizzard. Just ask any of his wives.

But Steve Enoch did manage the writing career of Lewis Grizzard. Lewis was a died in the wool Georgia Bulldog. There was no question about his loyalty. Lewis was a UGA journalism major, though he earned fame and fortune long before earning his degree in 1984 at age 38.

Still, one would think that Lewis would roll through his extensive Rolodex of UGA journalistic contacts to find himself an acceptable manager. But no.

Steven L. Enoch is a 1975 graduate of the University of Miami, as in Florida. With a degree in finance, perhaps that prepared him better to manage someone's anything than some J school major. Steve Enoch was obviously a prudent choice.

But prudent would not be the first word one would choose to describe Lewis Grizzard. It might not even be the last word one would choose to describe him. Just ask any of his wives. Or anyone else who knew Lewis. Or anyone who read ever Lewis.

Lewis's life was an open book. It was actually 25 open books. Plus about a bazillion daily newspaper columns. Plus national talk show appearances, comedy albums and a stint or two in sitcoms. Lewis's open book was his trademark. 

Before we get too far into the weeds, lets return to Lewis's choice of a manager. One might think he would choose one of his Sigma Pi fraternity brothers. Maybe one who could best simultaneously hold both his liquor and his tongue while accompanying Lewis cross country on notorious writing or speaking tours.

Lewis did not do that. In an example of rare prudence Lewis picked as his manager some finance major from a different state and university not named UGA and with some tropical storm as a mascot instead of a canine. 

Had Lewis selected some manager with a degree from a university in that same state but with a large reptile as its mascot one would know he lost his faculties. Thank Gawd that did not happen.

Logic would dictate that Lewis's chosen manager, this Enoch guy, was probably adept at holding his liquor and his tongue while accompanying Lewis cross country on notorious writing or speaking tours.

But we don't know that yet. Steve Enoch has not yet returned our calls. If he continues to not return our calls we may simply proceed like Lewis in an imprudent manner and tell the story the way we want to, regardless of facts.

Kinda like our post this AM on a social media platform:

Before UGA played South Carolina 3 weeks ago I was tempted to search for an actual copy of Lewis Grizzard's "greatest headline in the history of sports journalism":


Glad I did not attempt it, because someone before me did. It is a myth Lewis perpetuated for years - which makes it almost better than the truth.

Had Lewis lived long enough he likely would have dominated social media platforms the way he dominated all other media platforms. He might relish the new social type of media, because it allows one to play even looser with facts than a writer at a newspaper with an editor who 'took drunk'.

The only challenge Lewis might face with social media is it is kinda clunky to participate with only a Remington typewriter. 

To leap that little hurdle Lewis could easily hire some UGA J school hack to transcribe his social media rants. Or he could hire some 1979 marketing major to do that for him.

That would not be prudent. But that would be okay with the 1979 marketing major who at times in not so prudent either.

Neck and neck with Lewis as UGA fans' most beloved occupant of Heaven is Larry Munson, also late and great. We find no evidence of Lewis and Larry having met, yet they must have. At least we find no video, photo or recording of them together. 

Strangely, this Lewis quote - quoting his friend Dorsey Hill - is the closest we could get to tying Larry and Lewis together:

“It was so good,” Dorsey Hill said, “listening to Larry Munson was better than being there.”

Not having found anything more tangible than that, here we will cram in another of our fanciful creations:

Larry Munson Calls the 2018 Rose Bowl

We hope Lewis and Larry approve from on high. We'd also like Dorsey's opinion. He is reportedly still mortally on earth, just barely. If only we knew where to find him.

If we did know where to find Dorsey Hill, we might ask him why Lewis did not choose him, instead of the Enoch guy, to manage Lewis. Or at least Lewis's writing.