Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Stoddard Media Launches the $1 Per Word Press Release

The word Public Relations often intimidates the small business person. They feel like they need PR, yet they do not understand it and may think they can not afford it.

That ends today.

Stoddard Media is delighted to unveil The $1 Per Word Press Release.

Let us start with the $1 per word price. This is the rate a Stoddard Media institutional client pays to all freelance writers. It is far less than what a brick and mortar public relations firm will charge.

One will also be hard pressed to find a PR firm willing to take on a single writing project. Most firms assign account teams, monthly fees and need some time to 'gear up' with the client. One off articles are not in the DNA of a conventional PR firm.

This will not be a Press Release in the strict sense of the term. The clearinghouse fee alone to launch a press release to global media starts in the $300 range. The small business does not need global.

A business should offer the piece to local media, particularly if they advertise. Most local media are hungry for content. They often welcome news about a local company, and the company owner should get to know their local editor or reporter.

This piece should go on the company website, in social media, in email to clients and more. It will take the reader to strategic pages on the client's website. Search engines will like that, and the reader will learn important things about the company.

Let us look at a hypothetical example for ACME Corporation of cartoon fame. A 200 word piece like this will run $200.

ACME Corporation Opens New Manufacturing Facility

The client's piece need not be this silly. We can provide many Stoddard Media examples that are simply straight, direct and informative. Yet we like silly if the client's message calls for it. Readers remember silly.

The $1 Per Word Press Release includes a 15 to 30 minute phone consultation. We can Skype or Face Time if the client requests, but we do not deem an in person meeting to be necessary. Nor can we afford to drive to a client location for $1 per word. In truth, the client's time should also be too valuable for an in person meeting.

We write global press releases and PR campaigns for clients we rarely see in person. We devote total focus to our client on the phone, and we ask that the client do the same. We are quick to grasp what the client needs to say, and we are quick to tell it well.

We will deliver a first draft quickly, usually within 24 hours, almost always within 48 hours. We will submit an online form like this and a word document. The client can approve as is or suggest a one time edit. We then deliver the finished piece.

Call Stoddard Media today at 678-725-5889 to schedule your $1 Per Word Press Release - or whatever you choose to call it.

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