Thursday, July 26, 2018

Atlanta’s Rapidly Delivers Real Estate Property Management Solutions to Athens & Milledgeville Rental Communities

It began as a casual inquiry in May from Farmers Insurance agent Greg Albright to his Canadian real estate client, Nova Georgia Properties. "I know an established property management company in Atlanta. Might you want to talk to them?"

Nova Georgia Properties is based in Nova Scotia. They own high occupancy residential rental properties in Georgia, including Red Oak Village in Athens and Country Club Townhomes in Milledgeville. Nova was considering a change in management of those communities, so Albright's question was timely.

Albright introduced Nova to Todd Reid, owner of Atlanta's Nova explained that operation of the properties was a little disjointed. Though both had high occupancy, they had too many month to month leases at below market value, and maintenance expense reports lacked detail.

With over 60 units at each property, taking both communities would represent an 80% increase in number of units would manage. Todd Reid prepared for such expansion, and this was his chance to prove the company was ready.

Reid offered ready solutions across the board. He contacted members of his network, Jeff Smith of Success Facets and Jon Ramey of Supporting Strategies. Smith is instrumental in positioning for dramatic growth, and Ramey specializes in turnkey accounting and operational support for growing businesses.

A hallmark of's property management approach is transparency and accessibility to both owners and tenants.

Service to owners:

- stay abreast of market values and build into leases appropriate annual rent increases when justified.
- motivate tenants to sign annual leases, collect rents on time and promptly address delinquencies.
- provide advanced technology to better manage every facet of rental operations and reporting.

Service to tenants:

- maintain a 24/7 service number, always answered by staff.

- offer lease agreements, payments and work orders by computer or telephone.
- address all repair issues within 24 hours.

“Prior to beginning full time property management, I was a real estate investor myself.”, says Reid.

“I saw the need to represent owners from a different perspective. Many real estate agencies manage long term rentals as an afterthought, often only for access to tenants who may later purchase a home.”

Reid approaches operations as though each unit he manages is his own. That translates into accountability to both owners and tenants, with all issues handled in a timely and equitable manner.

In preparation Reid cultivates an extensive team of partners, both in house and outsourced. Beyond HVAC, appliance and other maintenance pros, Reid utilizes the services of advanced strategic and tactical resources. This is where Jeff Smith and Jon Ramey enter into's superior management.

Jeff Smith is an attorney with an MBA and senior executive experience at global techology and media giants. Having completed over 100 mergers and acquisitions of public and private companies, Smith is adept at preparing clients to plan, adapt and scale for growth. He shares expertise in the skills of business execution, leadership, strategic thinking, time management, change management and profitability.

Jon Ramey is a seasoned finance professional, a CPA with an MBA and Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Ramey provides sophisticated finance management services far beyond what most companies can employ in house. Each client is served by a dedicated account team, so vital information is accessible even with vacations and absences that may cause delay with typical bookkeeping services.

Nova moved quickly to engage Todd Reid's services. Less than 60 days after their introduction, is at work managing Red Oak Village and Country Club Townhomes. Things are off to a good start.

After mere weeks under management, Nova reports that Red Oak Village saw the best rental performance on a variety of levels in 6 years.

Contact Todd Reid and 
at 770-518-4470 to learn more about their transparent and innovative approach to rental real estate management.


Todd Reid

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Forsyth County Chapter of the UGA Alumni Association to Host August 2 Kick Off & Freshman Send Off

With the 2018 football season and start of school right around the corner, anticipation is peaking for University of Georgia fans, parents and students on a lot of levels.

Seizing on this excitement, the Forsyth County Chapter of the UGA Alumni Association will host a gala reception for members and guests from 6:30 to 8:30 PM on Thursday, August 2. 

The venue for the event is the beautiful Reid Barn at 6844 Majors Road in Cumming. Come rain or shine - or even record breaking heat wave. The Reid Barn installed air conditioning this year to ensure the comfort of all their event guests.

Admission is $20 per person, payable upon entry. All children age 12 and under are admitted free, as are all incoming freshman and their families. Burgers, hot dogs, sodas, and tea are included.

Some details are still in the works, but one significant detail is confirmed. Jeff Sentell, author and sports writer for the Atlanta Journal & Constitution and DawgNation, will be on hand to entertain all with stories, observations and perhaps a prediction or two about the promising fall football season.

The evening will serve as an opportunity to congratulate and welcome rising freshmen and fire them up for their memorable years ahead. As a bonus, Mr. Sentell and perhaps other surprise guests will whet everyone's appetite for what promises to be an electrifying gridiron season.

So mark your calendars, buckle up your chinstraps and tell your Dawg friends to do the same.

For more information drop a line to Chapter President Valery Lang Lowe at: