Monday, December 25, 2017

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Extra Special 2017 Stoddard.Media Holiday Edition From Port Royale Marina tho our HQ is Temporarily at Aqualand Marina

2017 Kicks Off With Powerful Message

Since our 2014 divorce we had aspired to one thing. We shared this one thing with no one. In January we were astonished to view this, which clearly articulated that one thing. If not inclined to view entire video begin at 2 minute mark. If not inclined to do even that, the simple message is this: 

What do we really want? The respect of our adult children.

Stoddard Media Headquarters Sinks

Not exactly to the lake floor, but close enough. A faulty water heater valve discovered weeks later was the culprit. Due to timely help of many Dawg. House. Boat. a/k/a Lake Lanier Edmund Andrea Fitzgerald Doria resurfaced 48 hours later & thus made salvageable. Restoration begins January 1.

Real Estate Career 2 Is Born

At the encouragement of many we renewed our Florida Broker license & secured our Georgia Broker license. We joined the Keller Williams Sandy Springs office, by far the leading brokerage in Georgia for many years running. For 10 weeks we had a blast contacting 1,500+ friends from grade school to high school to UGA & beyond, only to find that the only 7 people we reached who were selling or buying when we called had just signed with their 2nd cousin’s nitwit sister in law. We spent a lot of money and earned zero.

We aspired to spend time with people more successful than us, which was, well, just about everybody. A coffee meeting with a waste removal kingpin led to a writing assignment. This led to other writing assignments. In week 2 a caller asked our company name. Thinking fast, we blurted out “Stoddard Media”. In week 3 a caller advised our website,, had malware. Tho this was not our website we suddenly had a website problem. We hastily solved this problem with the launch of, thrown together on a frantic Sunday.

Upstart Stoddard Media Cranks Out Work With Reckless Abandon

This led to much more work about high tech waste removal at hurricane sites & concert events. This client had a busy 2017.

Waste Removal Led to Real Estate

For fraternity brother & nutbag “Ajax”, who was once Mark Richt’s Sunday school teacher. Lucky to have friends like this.

Real Estate Led to AT&T

For a client whose autobiography should be a NYT best seller. Still working on it. Fortunate to have friends like this.

AT&T Led to Wits’ End

A friend who happened to be celebrating a major anniversary.

Wits’ End Led to Grapes

Surprising that someone paid for this, but they did.

Work Halted with Sinkage of Stoddard Media HQ

It wasn’t our permanent bricks & mortar HQ, but it is where we did a lot of work, as it was more pleasurable to work there. Which led to this, for the company that will salvage our “HQ”.

Finally, a Client Explained What We Do

Another piece someone surprisingly requested. A major PR firm who advised, “You do ‘content marketing’. Everyone needs content marketing.” We say. “Amen to that.”

As Stoddard Media evolves we find that we do press releases both global & local, articles, blogs, social media & even personal or corporate holiday newsletters. Please reach out to us via email, phone or inquiry thru our website portal to see how we can help you tell your great stories to the world. Candidly, we need work.

Stoddard Media Scions Thrive

Kevin remains an outstanding thespian, vocalist, math, science and language arts student. He traveled with his chorus group in November to Scotland & Ireland and performed at ancient cathedrals. Alas & alack, Dad did not chaperone as he did to NYC in 2016.

Ben remains an award winning tuba player, pitcher and rising star in math & various academic pursuits, despite what this photo may suggest.

Lest the sensitive lad get a complex out of pure good sportsmanship we add this.

Warm Yuletide Greetings Extended

Kevin, Ben & 2017 Signing Day Stoddard Media commitment Vince Dooley wish you a blessed Holiday, New Year & Mighty Fine Boxing Day.

Peter, Kevin & Ben Stoddard & BFF Vince
1400 Market Place Blvd #189
Cumming GA 30041

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