Monday, September 4, 2017

Comfort Zone Mobilizes to Install Low Environmental Impact Restrooms in Hurricane Harvey Relief

As reported in installments beginning on August 27, Comfort Zone Portables is aiding in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts at areas of critical need across southern Texas.

Comfort Zone has performed emergency recovery work after every major storm since Hurricane Katrina. Here in Texas the company aspires to introduce the latest state of the industry technology never before put to use in disaster relief efforts. They only await word from authorities that conditions are suitable to install the system.

As part of a major Houston base camp, Comfort Zone wants to install mobile flushing vacuum system toilets somewhere adjacent the NRG Astrodome.

Until now the basic base camp restroom setup has consisted of conventional portalets & restroom trailers. The sheer number of such units creates an environmental hazard of its own due to the inherent effort required to continuously remove large volumes of toxic waste from already environmentally stressed ecosystems.

The innovative technology proposed for use in Houston is Comfort Zone's modular Pop Up 3 System. Pop Up 3 is a sustainable method to service large populations, realizing 90% savings on water supply, 90% savings on waste water & 70% savings on transport. Waste is removed via closed drainage system directly to the local public sewer. If a sewer system is not available waste goes to 22,000 gallon frac storage tanks.

The system can accommodate up to 70,000 uses without maintenance service. This results in significant benefits to the municipality & public utilities. First, the level of basic hygiene is substantially improved. The potential for spread of bacteria & germs inherent to portalet maintenance is minimized.

The efficiency frees up essential manpower for assessment & recovery work. The overall stress on waste treatment systems is drastically reduced, buying additional time for both conservation efforts & mother nature to restore ecological balance to the surrounding watershed.

Comfort Zone will be at work in areas affected by Hurricane Harvey for weeks, perhaps months. Their objective is to deliver this cleaner technology to an increasing number of base camps as electric & sewer services are restored to areas hardest hit.

Staff is already mobilizing in Florida in advance of Hurricane Irma.

More on Hurricane Harvey relief efforts as information becomes available.


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