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University of Georgia Fraternity Foundation Aids Brothers in Need

Athens GA

On March 24, 2018 the Kappa Deuteron Chapter of the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta at the University of Georgia will host its annual graduate Pig Dinner to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their 1968 founding on the Athens campus.

Technically, “founding” is not the proper word. “Recolonization” is correct. Phi Gam, also known as FIJI, existed at UGA from 1870 to 1890, whereupon the university expelled them for violating curfew to attend the circus. The infamy! No brothers from the era could be located to relate their side of the story, so that chapter in chapter history figuratively & literally ends there.

The 50th Pig Dinner will feature an entire weekend of Brotherhood & reunion.

Events kick off on Friday with a Gold Owl Ceremony for those Brothers celebrating their 50th year since initiation. That night individual Pledge Classes will get together informally throughout the City of Athens to reconnect.

Saturday will be an all day event beginning with lunch at the chapter house. The traditional Ad Astra service for deceased Brothers will follow in the afternoon. An early evening reception leads up to The Main Event, the Pig Dinner & ceremony at the downtown Athens Classic Center.

The Keynote Speaker for the 50th Pig Dinner will be Bill Martin, Executive Director, Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta.

Brother Martin first visited Kappa Deuteron in 1973 as a sophomore at Mississippi State, home of "those other bulldogs". Lower case intended, no offense intended Bill. It's just an SEC thing.

The Saturday celebration will continue with a first - an "After Party" - also at the Classic Center.

Since their 1968 return Kappa Deuteron’s success is nothing short of phenomenal. They are winners of 13 Cheney Cups, awarded to the undergraduate chapter which demonstrates the greatest all-around efficiency in scholarship, fraternity relationships, and general collegiate activities. In other words, the the national chapter of the year. Kappa Deuteron consistently ranks atop UGA fraternities in GPA, campus leadership, philanthropy, social activities & athletics.

Graduates of Kappa Deuteron have gone on to remarkable accomplishments. They include a university president, chairman of the 2017 most reputable bank in the US, high ranking military officers & innumerable CEOs, judges, physicians, attorneys, ministers & entrepreneurs. They even boast a major Atlanta network chief meteorologist & the UGA Bulldogs Sanford Stadium football announcer. This chapter clearly enjoys a legacy of high achievers.

As with any such organization of large numbers, some Kappa Deuteron members have experienced challenges in life: depression, financial hardship & more. Following the suicide of an apparently quite successful brother, in 2014 graduates endeavored to found a “brothers in need” organization.

After extensive discussions the group disbanded by attrition. They struggled to determine an expedient & viable means by which to identify a brother whose difficulties are not known & mobilize in time to be of aid. That said, all involved knew there was still help to offer & work to do.

In 2017 that changed with creation of the Cloverhurst Benevolent Foundation. A certain graduate had discernible problems, and his brothers saw an immediate opportunity to intervene & assist. One Phi Gamma Delta motto is “Not for College Days Alone”. A Kappa Deuteron motto is “Persevering Sturdily”. Never could the two so conspicuously come together as in the Cloverhurst Foundation.

Brothers rapidly united to form a board & foundation to provide pro bono legal, medical & financial support to this brother. The organization paid all expenses to billers & gave no funds directly to the brother. He is on a solid path to recovery, though facing significant challenges ahead.

Board members dedicate countless volunteer hours to raise funds & establish an enduring non-profit foundation to benefit not only a single brother, but also others in need for perpetuity. Having gained notice from the national fraternity, the Cloverhurst board aspires to establish a benchmark program for every Phi Gam chapter to follow.

The board introduced the Cloverhurst Foundation in concept at the 2017 Pig Dinner. Since that launch the board endeavored to establish a sustainable legal charter & secure 501(c)(3) status as a nonprofit organization. No small tasks, all will be complete by the end of the calendar year.

The 50th Pig Dinner will be an occasion to celebrate Kappa Deuteron’s successes & the memories & successes of its Brothers. But it hardly ends there. With triumph comes strife. With accomplishment comes setback. With need comes compassion, love & outreach. With difficulty comes aid, restored hope & recovery.

Nowhere will Brotherly love be demonstrated more profoundly than with formal commencement of the Cloverhurst Benevolent Foundation at the March 24, 2018 50th Pig Dinner of Kappa Deuteron Chapter of the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta at the University of Georgia.

Another Phi Gamma Delta motto is “Friendship, the Sweetest Influence”.

Those words are forever manifest in the Cloverhurst Benevolent Foundation.

For more info or to contribute phone 404-966-4405 or write to


Cloverhurst Benevolent Foundation
108 Gateside Courts SE
Marietta GA 30067

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