Saturday, August 19, 2017

Freedom Boat Club Lake Lanier Celebrates 2nd Location at Cumming GA Bald Ridge Marina with New 2017 Fleet

Lake Lanier, Georgia

For 18 years Freedom Boat Club has offered a remedy to these boat owner complaints:

A boat is a floating black hole into which its owner pours money.

The happiest day of anyone's life is when they buy a boat.
The 2nd happiest day of their life is when they sell that boat.

No one should own a boat. Their best friend should own one.

Boat ownership is expensive. Maintenance, storage & insurance add up real fast. When a boat is out for repair and not in use those dang monthly bills just keep on a coming in. Month after stinkin month. All too often the inevitable result is Boat Ownership Poverty.

Boat owners also suffer from Other Boat Envy. That smaller or larger vessel over there would be better for today's plans. Pontoon owners want a fishing boat, cabin cruiser or ski boat. Fishing boat owners want a pontoon, cruiser or ski boat. Tabulating a list of every envy combination can make one's head explode.

Or blow a sprocket, an expensive repair that leads back to Boat Ownership Poverty.

Twitching, sleeplessness and night sweats are common symptoms of Boat Ownership Poverty and Other Boat Envy. Those afflicted should not call their doctor. They should call the Freedom Boat Club Lake Lanier for immediate relief.

In case unimaginative people need reminding, there are many good reasons to go to the lake.

Freedom membership advantages are too numerous to provide a complete list here. That does not stop certain people from trying:

Access to cabin cruisers, pontoons, ski boats and fishing boats.
No repair, maintenance, insurance or storage expense.
No prep or clean up hassle. Pick up keys and hit the lake. Turn in keys and go home.
Access to boats at over 125 Freedom Boat Club waterways across North America.

Is the picture becoming clear?

But that is just the start. 2017 is a landmark year. For 17 years Freedom served hundreds of loyal members from their original Holiday Marina location in Buford. In 2017 they opened a 2nd Cumming Bald Ridge Marina facility AND introduced a larger fleet of 2017 boats. Whoa Nellie.

If Freedom was not already the preferred option of choice, guess what they went and did? Added another option. For some Cumming offers more convenient access than Buford, and vice versa. Buford may be more convenient based on plans this week, Cumming next week. It is exciting but a little tedious and exhausting to imagine all possibilities.  Go ahead and try it.

And the new fleet! Freedom always maintained late model vessels, rotating in new watercraft to replace retiring “well loved” ones. With so many new boats there are not many well loved ones left. That’s OK, there is nothing like the discovery and thrill of a new love. Or several new loves if one is into that kinda thing.

On Saturday, August 26 Freedom Boat Club will host a party & cruise at their new Bald Ridge Marina facility from 6:30 to 10:30 PM. They’ll provide free food and beverages, and they’re too kind and generous to do that. Simply seeing what they offer is incentive enough to show up.  But if its free take it.

For more information or to inquire about membership call Freedom at 404-901-4907. Mention this press release and receive free food and beverages at the August 26 party & cruise event.


Freedom Boat Club in no way no how authorized or approved this message. Call them anyway.


Freedom Boat Club
6900 Lanier Islands Pkwy.
Buford GA 30518

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